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Bendungan Sederhana yang Ditinggikan

Bendungan Sederhana yang Ditinggikan

Simplified Elevated Dam(SED) is a new type dam which uses manual hydraulic pump or diesel engine to control panels up and down for water retaining and discharging. SED is particularly applicable for no electricity area and sea coast. Don't need power transformers and power cables.

Type 1

Simplified Elevated Dam

Type 2

Simplified Elevated Dam


Retaining height: 1~4m

Width of channel: 3~50m

Panel material: Steel, Stainless steel

Foundation: Reinforced concrete foundation

Lift and Drop Time: 1~10min/span


Spillway, irrigation channel, landscape

No electricity area

No power transformer, no power cables

Sea coast

Type 1: Integrated Simplified Elevated Dam(ISED)

Simplified Elevated Dam

Diesel Engine

Simplified Elevated Dam

Dam Over flow

Simplified Elevated Dam

Manual Hydraulic Pump


Driven by manpower or diesel engine;

The back of each panel have 2 hydraulic cylinders;

Operating on side bank;

Especially used in freshwater and no electricity area.

Type 2: Movable Simplified Elevated Dam(MSED)

Simplified Elevated Dam

Movable Truck

Simplified Elevated Dam

Movable Truck


Only requires 2 cylinders to lift or drop all panels by trolley;

Panels are supported by locking rod;

The truck operated on the concrete base floor;

Especially used in sea coast.


Simple structure

Easy and Fast Operation & installation

Short construction period

Highly integrated

Cost saving

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