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Bendungan Lift Hidrolik

Bendungan Lift Hidrolik

Hydraulic elevator dam, researched and developed by BIC, is an innovative achievement in water conservancy science and technology. It is the optimized combination of hydraulic "three-hinge-point luffing mechanism principe" and traditional sluice.


Hydraulic cylinders support at the back of the panel to lift up the gate for blocking water or to drop down the gate in the case of flood discharging. It is applicable to various hydrological and geological conditions; it is widely used in river landscape, storage of irrigation water, expension of reservoir capacity and other water conservancy hydropower, water ecological civilization and urbanization construction projects. This technology has obtained series of patents issued by State Intellectual Property Office of P.R.C, and has been listed in 2014 Catalogue of Key Promotion and Guiding for Advanced Water Conservancy Practical Technologies.

Hydraulic Elevator Dam

Product Specifications

Gate material: RCC/Steel/Stainless steel

Gate type: Arc type/ plate type/shaped type(customized)

Gate height (H): 0.5m-6.0m

Width of single span: The standard width can be 6m, 7m or 8m; it also can be made to order.

Hoisting structures: Plunger type cylinder/double-acting cylinder multi-stage cylinder.

Control system: Manual control cabinet, PLC control cabinet, computer local cabinet, computer remote control.

Synchronous dam elevating and lowering, automatic alarm function and dam lowering in case of exceeding water level. Design superiority.

Hydraulic Elevator Dam

New Structure

Adapt Integrated triple hinge, variable-amplitude structure.

Panel supported by cylinder with small range. panel & cylinder working in same direction.

No ditching work needed, easy built.

Special Function

Follow increment of ice pressure, set panel dropping sequence.

Through reset of all panels through electrical & hydraulic systems to finish ice cleaning process.

Maximum ice breaking pressure is 51.2 T/M. breaking process done in front of dam.

Hydraulic Elevator Dam

Lift and Drop Fast

Integrate oil circuit and valve group, develop modular software to monitor hydraulic valve circuit and water level sensor.

Or integrated software of linkage Technology for manual measuring water level.

Fast Dam lifting. Dropping under High Water Level. Unpowered dam Locking.

Dam dropping in variable Speed & Unpowered under Multiple conditions, satisfies Emergency Flood discharge demand. Speed adjustable at range of 30s-30min.

Widely Applied

Widens Hydraulic Elevator Dam applicability to special conditions, such as mountain area, cities, rivers have floating matters, siltation and ice discharging.

Reliable & Intelligent

Remote on-line monitoring, mobile APP real-time monitoring, dynamic waterscape, compatible with cascade dispatching system, compatible with local water bureau flood control dispatching system, etc., achieved intelligent management of Hydraulic Elevator Dam.

Hydraulic Elevator Dam

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